Creative ways to approach new customers

Have you ever scrolled through HTML code searching for information to help you sell? Or created a custom video holding a board with your customer’s name on it? I shared two creative sales pitches I received in the past year and a not very imaginative one.

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Don’t guess it, test it

Before you bring a new product or service to life, test the waters with your audience and discover if there is a demand. Here are some tips on how to identify your objectives and test your ideas.

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[Free ebook] Understanding the buying roles

Learn who decides, who buys and who uses your product – they’re not always the same person! Knowing your audience will help improve your marketing and avoid the trap of talking too much about your products.

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Delegating is letting grow

Working 24/7 on your business may have brought you to where you are today, but delegating is what will allow you to take your next steps. See 5 reasons why you can’t grow without letting go.

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Only passion won’t cut it

Passion may be a entrepreneur’s primary reason to start a new business, but it alone won’t cut it. Here are 3 things you need to know to support your small business marketing.

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12 questions to define your ideal customer

Much like Prince Charming, your ideal customer values you, is loyal and tells everyone about how much they love you. Selling to your ideal customer is straightforward: they don’t beg for massive discounts, they don’t make unreasonable demands, they don’t require additional expenses.

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