[Free ebook] Understanding the buying roles

Knowing your audience is essential to help you create more effective marketing messages. Without knowing who is listening and what they care about you risk falling into the common trap of talking too much about your products.

For some products and services, the same person who decides on the purchase may also be the one who actually buys it and uses it, but that’s not always the case. Even a product as simple as a kid’s toy may see several people involved in the buying process, each with a very clear role. Learning how they think and what message they require to inform their decision will help you accelerate your sales.

This ebook offers practical examples to help you understand the different buying roles and how to communicate with each of their specific needs. Buying roles include:

  • Decision-maker
  • Influencer
  • Blocker
  • Champions or advocates
  • Buyer
  • End user
  • Additional B2B roles (Legal, Finance, IT and others)

Published by Carolina Marino Sargeant

I’m Carolina Marino Sargeant. I am a British/ Brazilian professional with 15 years’ experience in Marketing and Corporate Communications. I have been at both ends of the spectrum, having worked for very small businesses with no marketing budget and for Fortune 100 tech giants with hundreds of marketing professionals. My website howtogrowmybusiness.co.uk offers marketing ideas and tips for small businesses and self-employed professionals who would like to grow their revenue or income with little to no marketing budget.

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